About Me

I hold a great passion to help make this world a better, more harmonious place, and media is the medium through which I intend to capture the attention of the people of this world. I feel like we as a species have much yet to learn about each other, but mostly about ourselves. I believe self-love is one of the most powerful weapons with which to combat hatred and pain, and it is of the most important of the many themes I want to touch on in my work, in hopes of raising awareness on subjects I think are far too important for anyone to ignore.


​Media has always been a constant companion of mine, in the good times and the bad. Now, I am creating my own. Whether it's bringing together a piece in the editing room, directing an actor, or composing a shot, I work to ensure I have a vision and I will figure out how to bring it to fruition. I am determined to create, to inspire, and to inform. My main focuses are editing/videography and writing/directing.

I grew up in Binghamton, NY, something I love having in common with the great Rod Serling. At age 12, I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my mother and sister. I am Mexican-American, of which I get the Mexican side from my mother and the American side from my father. Straight out of high school, in 2008, I came to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a filmmaker, with the only thing on my mind being that I just wanted something to do with the art. In March of 2013, I graduated with my Bachelor's degree at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles in the Digital Cinema & Video Production program, with the realization that my purpose is to create content myself. Since then I have been freelancing for various companies to help promote their business.


My mission is to use the universal language that is media to promote awareness, trigger a shift in perspective, and create change in a most positive way.